It’s all here

In this post, How to Become a More Organized Woodworker, Chris Black is talking about much more than keeping one’s tools clean or putting them back in the drawer after they are used. He talks about making time to get into the shop, finishing projects, and working with the tools you have. In short he has nailed a number of my issues right on the head.

Reading it I am reminded that I had at some point last summer I decided I would get up a little early to spend at least any time in the shop – the best time of the day for thinking clearly, and having energy. I don’t remember what happened to that plan. It seems all it takes is one weekend out of town, or being sick a couple days, and everything goes out the window.

But this weekend I am not going anywhere. Next week looks to be a week like any other. There is a dentist appointment though. But as big an event as that may be, I’m going to give the getting-up-early thing another shot.


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One Response to It’s all here

  1. Tomorrow I’ll get up with you at 5:30. Really! Stop laughing…

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