Sharp focus

I need to follow Chris Black’s advice to not start new projects before finishing the current one. That’s been a biggie for me – losing focus on the current one and starting up another one. With my renewed effort to spend more time in the shop I was just about to start a new project. It was going to be a cool artsy thing to enter in the Lumberjocks Winter Awards contest. It was going to be a learning experience. And it would, most likely, have been another unfinished project. The reason is that it was another one where I had a rough idea of what I was going to build, and a rough idea of how I would build it, but no specific plans.

So Tuesday morning when I was awake early contemplating getting up early and starting something, I decided I would not start that project. Phew! So Wednesday morning when I got up early and went into the shop, guess what I did?

Started a new project.

This should be ok though. It’s a quick easy project from a magazine. And the reason I started it is that it will help me organize my tools, which I need desperately. I don’t have photos because I keep not wanting to post at night when I have access to the laptop where all the photos are. But I’ll try to post photos of the Organization when I’m done.

To help me keep track of my unfinished projects I’m putting a list on the side of this blog, most recently started project on top.

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2 Responses to Sharp focus

  1. I like your style, Shop Guy.

  2. johnjoiner says:

    Well, yes, we already knew that. ;-)But thanks!

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