Scraping by

To do this properly I should really have a coopering plane. That’s what I used at Inside Passage when I learned how to do this. And I have a nice iron and chipbreaker set and the wood to make my own. But seeing as how I wasn’t planning to enter a home-made plane in the Northern Woods show, and the chances of me finishing my first plane and my first cabinet in time for the show were (really) small, I will do without the plane this once.

But I have to fair the curve on the inside of this door. Last night I went at it with my curved scraper. I put a nice hook on it with my homemade burnisher and started making those five flat staves curved on the inside. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I was able to remove material. Below is a photo of the scraper, the inside of the door, and some of my scrapings. Aren’t those some nice looking curly-q shavings?

The key to pull the shavings like that was to skew the scraper the way Marc Adams showed us at the guild seminar last fall. To do that you hold the scaper nearly parallel to the direction in which you are scraping. In this case, of course, I’m scraping the length of the door.

I suppose this picture would be worth a lot more words if it showed me holding the scraper. A tripod or photographer might be needed … Things to ponder. I have to get my arse moving, though, on the sides and ends of this cabinet so I can have it finished before April 24. So that pondering will have to wait until later.


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  1. This tool looks much smaller in real life.

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