Little did I know

I hadn’t even considered posting here for the last two weeks or so because I had been spending every non-working waking moment trying to finish the cabinet in time for the woodworkers guild show. And as to non-waking moments, well there were a lot fewer of those than the doctor would recommend.

So when I looked at my blog today I chuckled at the title of my previous post because at the time of that post I had no idea just how much “scraping by” I’d be doing.

But I got the cabinet mostly finished and entered in the show. And it was a good time.

The photo above is the case, the frame for the back panel (before The Accident), and the door with what, in retrospect, seems like a hell of a lot of work remaining. It seems a bit appropriate that the frame is upside-down in the photo.

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Computer nerd by day, Dad and woodworker by night. Woodworking blog at
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