All in the palm of your hand

At the June meeting (catching up a bit here) of the Minnesota Woodworker’s Guild, we did a tool test out at Forest Products Supply where we have held a number of our meetings. At this meeting a tool company came in with some tools and used us as testers. Some of the tools were prototypes. We each had to sign a NDA, it was all very secretive so I can’t give details. We’ve done this once before and it’s a good time.

The tools this night were all of a pneumatic nature – not something I use a lot. But it was nice to see what’s out there. There was one kind of tool there that I’d never seen before. And when I used it made me say, “whoa.”

That thing is called a palm nailer. You push the front of that on the nail. It’s loud and your hand vibrates for about a second as this thing pushes the nail into the board. It’s very freaky. I’m told that this is handy of you have elbow or shoulder problems and need to do a lot of framing. I can see it would be very handy putting nails into tight places where you can’t swing a hammer. But I’d wonder how my hand and arm would feel after a day of vibrating nails into lumber.

We spent a couple hours trying and talking about tools, and filled out our surveys. Then the evening wrapped up with what might be many member’s favorite part of these tool tests: where they raffle off a number of the tools. But no, the next time I need to drive a nail I won’t be using any free pneumatic gear to drive it.

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