Impending doom

No, it’s not the financial crisis. Well, not The Financial Crisis. But this could lead to my own little FC if I’m not careful. The Wood Whisperer lead me to the tooliday website. Every day they have something new on sale. And we’re not talking 10% or 15%. Many of the prices I’ve seen have been cut 60%. I’m pretty well set for tools. There are still plenty of tools that would be nice to add, and a need or two. But I’ve been making an effort of late to make do with what I have.

If this goes badly, I blame it all on Spagnuolo.


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2 Responses to Impending doom

  1. The Solstice is coming, you know. You should put some stuff on your Solstice List. What? You don’t have one…? Why not?Like the new look, BTW. Good hands indeed…

  2. johnjoiner says:

    Hey now. This is supposed to be for general audiences! You might offend my other reader. I checked, and I’m not offended. So, it’s ok.

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