Up with Green

Over at the blog of The Windsor Institute, Mike Dunbar posted Green Chairs Can Make You Some Green on March 27th when the DOW was still above 12,000. About the tightening economy he said, “This time feels different to me,” with impressive foresight. He continued with the following predictions,

If I am right about this recession changing our consumer culture,
Americans will begin to desire things that will last. They will be
looking for things of quality, with permanent value. They will
be shopping closer to home, and be more conscious of the impact
their purchase has on the environment and the economy. No
longer will furniture be thought of as disposable the way it has for
the past 20 years; changed every time someone changed the decor.

Color me skeptical. But I would be thrilled if Mr. Dunbar is right with that prediction too. In that same post he then talks about how Windsor chairs (like a lot of hand-built furniture) would be well-positioned for that market. They are built of local materials, by local artisans with processes and even finishes that are environmentally friendly. And they should last for generations. He stresses the point that, “the chair lasts far longer than it takes for replacement trees to grow and mature.”

It could be a nice up-side to come out of our current mess.

One thing he doesn’t explain in the article is why he’s calling Windsor chairs “green chairs.” This is an historical thing. I forget the specifics. But at some point in history, and maybe just in some locales, Windsor’s were known as “green chairs” because they were typically finished with green milk paint.


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2 Responses to Up with Green

  1. I hope Mike is right, but I’m skeptical like you.

  2. He may make valid point as it relates to a few people.I am of the opinion that this is likely to be a major long lasting economic earthquake that drastically changes peoples habits.I am not convinced, however that there will be an enormous resurgence in the quality furniture market in general or the hand made furniture market in particular. Perhaps Mike wasn’t really referring to anything on that scale either.After all, for the Windsor chair market to double, what do we really need? Sales to go from one chair a week to two?! The market is spectacularly small, and any change could be dramatic.

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