On Board

Last night I was nominated and approved to join the board of the Mn Woodworker’s Guild. I’ve been the guild librarian for a year or two, and I think I will end up being the secretary, though that wasn’t made clear last night. The guild has been very important in my development as a woodworker. It offers great educational opportunities plus a very nice woodworking exhibition each spring. Guild membership has grown to about 1100 members. One of the things the board has recently made a priority is to have fun while putting in all the work it takes to run things. I already know a number of the board members. It appears to be a great group. Should be a good time.


About johnjoiner

Computer nerd by day, Dad and woodworker by night. Woodworking blog at https://johnjoiner.wordpress.com/
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One Response to On Board

  1. Congratulations! Holy mackeral–1100 members. I wish our club had such active participation. We’re lucky if 25 people show up for a meeting.

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