Holding with Tape

Work-holding is a big deal. I’ve grumbled about my old bench and its MDF (ick) top and its limited work-holding before. But I built that bench before I knew much about woodworking, or had a workbench, and with only hand-held tools. (How to build a workbench without a workbench on which to work is a real issue.) So it has a special place in my heart.

Anyway, the other day I used a fairly modern yet mundane method of holding my work which I’d not used before. I was smoothing a 1/8″ piece of oak I’d resawn off a board which used to be a plate shelf in our kitchen. It didn’t need to be super flat. I just needed to take out the saw marks. The board was thinner than all my planing stops. So some double-sided tape did the trick.

This probably would not work well on such thin stock if I had needed to get it real flat because the board sagged in between the tape under the weight of my plane. This is pretty aggressive tape and I was a little concerned about getting it off the oak when I was done. But it stuck better to the MDF so that was no problem.


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Computer nerd by day, Dad and woodworker by night. Woodworking blog at https://johnjoiner.wordpress.com/
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3 Responses to Holding with Tape

  1. The bench is really pretty at least.

  2. Hey! I’m tired of reading about tape…

  3. johnjoiner says:

    Yah, I know.Between being ill, gingerbread, choir, and basketball practices, there hasn’t been much John-joining of late. Oh and there was that Ironman DVD that required a couple hours too. :-O

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