Rotten Eggs

On the mailbox I recently finished there are copper hooks underneath to hold larger things. I made these by pounding one-inch copper pipe flat. My son thought pounding the pipe flat was great fun for a while and helped with that step.

To take the shine off the pipe and give it a bit of age, I used barium sulfide using the recipe out of David Marks’ “Gilding and Chemical Patinations” video. My daughter really liked this part. Just wiping the pipe with a towel dampened with the chemical caused it to darken to a grey-purple in a minute or two. Much longer than that and it ended up looking a lot like blued gun-metal. It was a fun little science project for her. But her favorite part was the smell – really strong boiled eggs smell. It was so strong it seemed to me more like rotten eggs.


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One Response to Rotten Eggs

  1. It was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever smelled…and I’ve experienced a LOT of disgustingness. But it DOES look pretty cool.

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