Finished the latest project: the cute mailbox from this plan at

It’s made from oak scraps left from what my son might call “the evil deck project” for which I used recycled oak timbers. So I guess that could make this doubly recycled.

My client was initially not keen on the decorative detail on the front. The article-writer claimed it was inspired by Scottsman Charles Rennie Mackintosh, which I can see. It has the feel of both Arts & Crafts, and art nouveau, which were his thing. Knowing what my client wants better then she does, I went ahead with the decoration anyway. And it was well-received upon delivery. 😉

I no longer buy exotic woods. But I had a thin piece of padouk left from before I decided to be strict about that. And padouk is what I used for the red parts of the flower. The green parts were the same oak as the rest of the box dunked in green dye.

It’s fairly simple otherwise. Though I didn’t pass up the opportunity to use my plow plane, substituting rabbets for the butt joints the plan called for. And even though there are only eight screws in the thing, that was enough for me to break one. Does anyone know of a class on installing screws?


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One Response to Mailbox

  1. It’s beautiful. The client perhaps thought the decoration seemed a bit fussy. And if there is one thing she’s not, it’s fussy.

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