At this months meeting of the Mn Woodworkers Guild we … umm, we. Well, I know what was on the schedule. But for a number of reasons I didn’t attend the official meeting. Six or seven other guild-members and I went to the wrong building. That building being the site of several past guild meetings. The room we normally use was being used by a running club. The eight of us lost guild members found each other wandering in the halls and then wandered around together being sure we were in the right building, just needing to find the right room.

Apparently eight is enough to start up some illogical mob-mentality. We found a couple custodians, got them to open a room for us just down the hall from the room we usually use. We found a white-board and wrote “woodworker’s guild” on it, and posted it in the hall outside our new room. We had started our own meeting, of sorts. By this time it was about half-hour after the real meeting started. So it’s unclear to me what all of this was supposed to accomplish.

I am still without a cell phone (yeah me!) so I got one of the guys who had an internet-phone to look up the meeting info from our website. One of the other guys knew the area well enough to figure out that we were at the old Edina Community Center, and that the official meeting was at the new Edina Community Center a mile or two away. Many of the group headed off to the meeting. I really dislike arriving anywhere late. It was snowing pretty hard, and we still didn’t know the room number of this other large building. Not liking the prospect of arriving maybe an hour-and-a-half late to an hour-and-a-half long meeting I headed home fairly frustrated.

I got home and had a little time to myself. So the dog and I cut a practice dovetail. That made me feel a lot better.


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