Getting Ugly

This is a post about woodworking posts – no real woodworking today. Three links to other blogs. But bear with me, I have a point … I think.

Lately the comments in my favorite ww blog have been going off-course by people ridiculing recommendations for any tools that are high-priced. The last few years have seen a number of brave people going into business making high-end woodworking tools – something that was completely nonexistent not too long ago. Some of these new tool makers are attempting to make their goods in the US and live in something nicer than a cardboard box, thus the prices they have to ask for their tools can seem a bit high when compared to the every day tools we see at the borg which are most likely made in sweat shops overseas. Even though I can afford few of these high-end tools I like to know where the woodworking tool industry is headed. And I appreciate Chris’s opinion on what’s available.

Then today I learned that this sort of negativity has not been limited to Chris’s blog. There was an internet rally around the Tattooed Woodworker to help him cast off the negativity he was getting by sharing his work using new high-end tools. (From the link above, go back two posts to see Rob’s post where he’d thrown in the towel.)

John Economaki, maker of some the finest, and highest-priced woodworking tools, claims that people are paid (presumably by the larger companies that make low-end tools?) to spread some of this negativity.

All this has been happening on blogs, facebook and twitter. I don’t log onto fb often, and haven’t tried becoming a twit yet. But before all that, I used to closely follow rec.woodworking. “The Reck” as it was sometimes called, was at one time a great forum to discuss anything about woodworking. Lots of people offered helpful comments and answers to questions. It seemed you could ask anything, and someone would have something helpful to say. Then it started getting ugly. Needless criticism, and then lots of negativity and personal attacks. At first I tried filtering the feed and reading only certain threads or posts by certain users. But when the noise drowned out the good content I just stopped reading it. In digging up the link to it, I see that rec.woodworking is still going strong. But I don’t even care to glance at it to see what is being posted. I hope this won’t happen again, to the woodworking blogosphere.


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3 Responses to Getting Ugly

  1. Well said, Shop Guy. Now just don't go spending all my money on expensive tools. ;->

  2. Bill Satko says:

    Good post Johnjoiner!Yes, I remember the wreck when it was good. Unfortunately some of recent posts on the woodworking blogs remind me of the wreck after it went bad.

  3. johnjoiner says:

    Whoa. Two readers and they both responded kindly. Maybe there's hope for these interwebs afterall.Jen: I checked. You have no money. :~(Bill: Thanks.

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