A weekend of legs

Last weekend the guild had our fall seminar. The speaker this year was Phil Lowe from Boston, and the topic was furniture legs.

After the usual Friday night slide show, Phil divided Saturday and Sunday into four things: he built a cabriole leg with a (iirc) bun foot, a cabriole leg with ball and claw foot, a mitered bracket foot, and inlay into a flat-faced leg.

Again, the Hepplewhite style jumped out to me as a style that I like among the older styles that we were talking about and looking at. I think it’s easy to see why – much of the Hepplewhite has nice curves but is otherwise fairly simple with not a lot of decoration.

It was also interesting, I noticed, I think midway through Saturday thinking that I was being a bit overwhelmed by all the awesome work Lowe has done, and feeling something along the lines of, “omg, there’s so much I don’t know. How can I even begin.” (Sitting next to Siemsen, who seems to know everything didn’t help.) But by the end on Sunday I felt inspired and energized by it all.


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