No woodworking was done in my house last night. But a good woodworker has to have some small amount of skill working metal too. Some iron and steel tools have to be very flat. And of course most of them need to be really really sharp. Last night I got the two latest additions to my kit into working shape.

The plane (still) has quite a belly on its sole. It’s short enough that I could lap it on the worksharp. And I took some of the belly off with that. I’ll see if I got enough. The plane has a nice button on the back to hit with a hammer for withdrawing the iron. I hit it with my brass hammer last night while setting it up. But it occurred to me while writing this, that holding the plane upright and tapping the back on the bench is probably what was intended. You can see clearly in the photo where the back of the iron has been hit with a steel hammer. But the button looks like it’s never been hit. So this makes some sense.

The worksharp 3000 is really nice for flattening irons. I’m not sure yet about working bevels with it. But I’d buy it again just for lapping.

The scales on the perfect-handle screwdriver were loose. A few taps with my pointed nail-set and they tightened up.

I posted this from my phone (while riding the bus) using the wordpress app. – pretty cool.

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1 Response to Lapping

  1. JOTV says:

    Took a minute to find that comment link. A minute and you telling me where it is. Anyway…glad you’re blogging again. I like your style. 😉

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