Four books


The last few years I’ve been consciously trying to do more woodworking and read about it less.  The only magazine I’ve subscribed to for a couple years now is Popular Woodworking.  But I also read just about every blog post Chris Schwarz and PopWood puts out, which is considerable.  There are some good new books being put out though, mostly related to hand tool work.  Here are four that I’ve read recently.

The bottom two in the photo were re-published by Lost Art Press. Being a bit of a history geek, I really enjoyed The Joiner And Cabinet Maker because it is fictional and gives really fun flavor of the life of an apprentice.

Langsner’s book is a really good step-by-step book for building several different styles of chair. I bought it because it has a project for a ladderback, built a windsor in Jim’s class. And might build a (Welsh) stick windsor next. Funny how that works.

Finally, Fidgen’s book reminded me a lot of Krenov’s books. But it differs by including a small number of projects he designed that I really like. The designs are a bit Krenovian with eastern touches.


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