One intention

Outside of family things (like going to see Katy Perry.  No, really.  Shut! Up!) I have only two goals for 2011.  And one of them is woodworking-related.  That is simply to build a Welsh stick chair – one just like in the photo.  That photo is of a chair built by Drew Langsner, and posted in Peter Follansbee’s blog, in this darned link that I can’t get wp to let me insert cleanly: link

A handsome Welsh stick chair made by Drew Langsner

I’ll not repeat a lot of what Peter posted about them.  But just to say that I’ve already read (and own) both the books, and what little else I can find on the internet about this kind of chair.  I really like the form of this low-backed version.  But I’m not too sure about the tall-back chairs.  I like the less formal look compared to the American Windsor chairs.  And another thing I like about them is that there’s a lot more variety in them than the Windsors.  According to Brown every maker made them  a little different from the next.

So there you have it.  I’ve put this intention out there to help give it a little momentum.  There’s a really good woo woo word for that which I can’t think of right now.


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One Response to One intention

  1. John says:

    I consulted with my consultant on all things woo-woo. And the word I was wanting was, “manifest.” I was manifesting here.

    An interesting thing is that just two days after posting this, I made major progress on my other (non-family) goal for the year by getting tickets to see The Black Keys in July. (Yes, I’m a simple man.) The woo-woo works in wacky ways.

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