Tool time

A couple Saturdays ago the Midwest Tool Collectors Association held their February meeting in Medina.  Medina is so close to my house I really have to go.  And their meetings are actually tool swaps where the collectors cover tables with their tools and try to sell them to each other.  It’s really awesome.  The atmosphere reminds me of Halloween with the excited young kids.  The excited people at this event just hop up and down less.  And instead of having to go to a different house for something new, I could go around the same tables over and over and continue seeing things I hadn’t seen before.  That’s because there were just so many tools piled on the tables, and also because the sellers would continue unpacking more and more tools from boxes hidden under the tables as the morning went along.

Old guys and old tools

Another cool thing about the meeting was that Mike Siemsen again set up a bench to show the people collecting the tools how many of them are good for a lot more than sitting on display in some collection.  The photo below is of Mike and Dean Jansa (I’ve never seen Dean when Mike wasn’t also in the room) resawing a board with a frame saw they’d made.


Mike and Dean using home made frame saw

Though I went to the meeting looking for a couple particular tools, I didn’t end up buying much.  A nice saw set that Jeff found for me, and nice push drill, and a couple dividers were all I took home.  I hope to have as much luck next year.

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