My new saw

Before I got rid of my table saw I was using it for exactly two things the few times I used it.  Those were to plow dadoes, and as an immobile, overpowered chop saw.  Below is a photo of my new chop saw.  Sexy isn’t it?

Cutting coves with Stanley miter box and 26" saw

How I got ahold of this is yet another example of it all being about who you know.  When I was approaching being ready to trim out Jen’s office, just as a shot in the dark, I sent an email to Mike Siemsen asking if he had, or knew of, any miter saws for sale.  Mike quickly replied saying, “no.”  But later that afternoon he sent a message saying he had a friend with a good working miter saw who’d sell it to me for $50.  Normally I’d want to see something like this before buying.  But I didn’t think twice about trusting Mike’s opinion of it being a good worker.  Sold.

It not only is a good worker, but it came in a homemade covered box.  And it’s a lot easier to move to the worksite than my old chop saw.


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One Response to My new saw

  1. JOTV says:

    Compact is sexy.

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