Big Smoother


After several years I’m getting this Knight Toolworks smoothing plane to work well.  It has a two-inch wide, crazy-thick blade.  I bought this several years ago in a partially finished state.  The adjustable mouth block and the wedge needed shaping.  I’d done both those things not long after buying it.  But it didn’t work well for me right away.

To get it going better I opened up the mouth from infinitesimal to miniscule, I opened the angle on the mouth block so shavings can escape up more easily, and I flattened the bottom again.  And again, I’ve found that being gentle with it helps.  In my hands this plane feels big and massive.  But it seems to work better when I don’t wedge the hell out of the iron, and go lightly with the hammer taps to adjust it.

It’s made of purpleheart and some other exotic wood, in what I think is a fairly garish pattern.  But it’s very solid, and plenty heavy.  If I continue to use it, and get used to it, it should be a very nice, large smoothing plane.  If I keep using it, though, I might have to spill a little paint on it.  Or maybe it could use some grip tape on the sides.


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