Putting the horn on

This week at tool night I gained another nice tool from my collection of bargain tools that need work. I finished reassembling the 15 inch tenon saw that Mike and I tore apart the previous meeting. I had finished repairing the horn on the handle before Tuesday. And just had to reassemble the saw, and do a fair amount of filing on the teeth. Here are photos of a couple of the steps to replace the top horn on the handle.


New piece of beech glued on

I tried to design the new horn similar to the Kenyon saw handles made by Mike Wenzloff. It’s funny how I could draw basically the same curves a hundred times, but clearly like one or two of them above all the rest. I didn’t get it exactly like I drew it when I was shaping it for real with my files and rasps. But I’m pretty happy with it. The top edge is nice and square to the rest of the handle. And the curve that fits into the web of my thumb is silky smooth. These saw handles are sculpture, and a lot of fun to shape.


Rough shape of new horn cut on band saw


Fifteen inch Thomas Turton rip saw, and 12-inch Simonds crosscut saw

I will try this saw as my rip tenon saw. It has 9 teeth per inch (tpi). In the last photo it is shown with my crosscut saw. At that point I was done shaping the new horn but hadn’t stained, shellaced, or waxed it. The smaller saw is a nice Simonds, 12 inch blade and 13 tpi.

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