Hammer time

Tonight I will be able to make the trek up to Mike Siemsen’s school for Tool Tuesday. I last made it up there two weeks ago and I can’t get behind on blog posts.

Last time I worked most of the time on a couple fine beers and filing my two hand saws. I got my 26 inch rip saw working pretty well. The Spear and Jackson cross-cut saw still needs some work. The saw plate is excellent. But the cut-line is concave. I’ll work on that tonight. And its handle is a mess. It has some nasty tool box rash, a small split, and the top horn is missing. Also two of the replacement nuts don’t match the originals, or fit well. When the others looked at it they quickly said, “aw, just make a new handle.” We’ll see.

Spear and Jackson 26 inch saw

Back of the S and J handle

As quickly as the guys suggest making a new saw handle, I thought it amusing that I stopped them short when I started splitting off the handle of an old mortise chisel. Though it may have been usable, I didn’t like the old one, and I also just wanted to go through the process of rehandling one of these. The elm for the handle was salvaged from a tree being removed in the neighborhood. It seems kind of soft, yet pretty tough.


5/16 inch mortise chisel with new elm handle, and the former handle


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