Chair goes for a ride

In my post about the class where I built this chair, I said there was more to its story. Here is part two.

It’s a short little story about how I entered the chair into the 2010 Northern Woods show just for the fun of it and to give Mike’s school a little pub. I had no other intentions than that. I’d entered a small cabinet in the show two years previously, and in spite of getting panned by the judges, I had a good time. To my great surprise (I thought someone was pulling a joke on me for a while.) my chair was awarded the best traditional piece award. There wasn’t a lot of other competition in the category, but two of the other entrants are long-time pros. I was honored (and honestly, shaking my head a bit.)

One of the cool things that’s been done at the show is that the award-winning pieces get photographed by a professional photographer. That photo is at the end of this post.


My helper during the show setup


My chair in its spot. Location, location, location.

Bow-back Windsor chair, New England taper turnings.

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