For the chopping block


My Plumb of a woodworking hatchet. I like the curved handle.

This post is for my buddy Jeff, who will be doing some serious hatchet work Saturday.

Here’s an excerpt from the section of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” that I read yesterday.  From page 313, which is in the chapter of “good-to-have tools.”

Having a good hatchet in your hand is a safe, effective and medically proven way to raise your testosterone level. It is a great thing to be sharpening when your daughter’s date shows up at the house. Oh, and it is useful for woodwork as well.


View from the end shows the flat side that rides along the work, and the beveled side - for righties


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One Response to For the chopping block

  1. Nuevo says:

    Arrrg. What a manly grip on ye olde tool.

    I forgot the handle was shaped as it is on yours. I’ll have to swing that one of these days and see how it works as opposed to mine. righty / lefty, whatever. maybe it will be like when I play golf right-handed – my accuracy will go way up.

    sadly, no chopping was done by me last Saturday. Nonetheless, thanks for the shout out.

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