Roubo Frame Saw


The blade-holding and tensioning mechanism

Frame saws are all the rage in the woodworking blogosphere that I pay attention to.  Here’s the most authoritative posting I’ve seen, with a nice plate on the frame saw from Roubo.  And here is the Village Carpenters nice rendition.

Here in the Midwest we can be a little insecure about how long it often takes for trends and fashions to travel in from the coasts.  But I think we may be ahead of the curve on this one.  A small group of us have been working in an off-the-menu project at Mike Siemsen’s School building frame saws much like in Roubo’s plate.  I missed a couple key meetings.  But I’m sure Mike and Dean were the brains behind the project, the fashioning of the metal blade-holding parts, and the traditional arc welding.  I bring to the table willing unskilled labor.  And I spent an entire evening filing on my home-made blade.  It cuts, but it could still use some more work.  The length of the blade between the blade holders is 46 inches, and there are 3 points per inch.


Mike and Jeff hamming it up, trying my new saw, and balancing a beer on a log all at once


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