From The Oven Into The Crisper


Boards in the basement shop at 9%

I got a significant amount of woodworking in over the holiday weekend.  The boards that were waiting to become the ship-lapped back to the dry sink are now in their final resting place.  These had been sitting on my bench in my basement shop for months.  Thus they are well acclimated to their surroundings.  And the intent is that this piece will live in the the family room in the same basement.  The basement dries out a little in the winter and then gets pretty humid during the summer – usually between 50% and 60% if I keep the dehumidifier going.

My main lumber rack is on one wall in our garage which has an uninsulated roof covered with dark asphalt shingles.  On sunny days in the summer the garage is an oven.  So when I had to bring in some more pine to make the splash on the dry sink I thought I’d see what affect these two environments are having on the moisture content of the lumber.  All this lumber is kiln-dried white pine I bought at the same time.  The boards that have been in my basement for months read 8% to 10%.  The boards up high on my rack in the garage 5% or 6%.  (These were the raw numbers off the meter not converted for wood species.)


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