WIA 2011

I went with Mike Siemsen and the rest of the handtool olympics crew to Woodworking in America this year.  It was my second time, and again, it was a very educational and inspiring weekend.

The HTO booth when it wasn't inundated by bloggers

WIA is nothing like the woodworking shows that travel around the country trying to sell equipment.  The focus is on education with dozens of one to two-hour seminars going throughout the weekend.  And many of the speakers want to see the action where people are actually doing woodworking which is at our booth.  Peter Follansbee stopped by to try the Roubo saw.  And Adam Cherubini wandered by one time, and ended up giving a personal sawing lesson to a customer working on cutting his tenon.  The third well-known woodworker I met for the first time was Don Weber.  I’ll talk about him in a separate post.


Using the Roubo saw with Peter Follansbee

We had a lot of people to work the booth so I was able to attend three seminars.  Two were by Cherubini.  I’d read a lot of his material but never seen him speak.  It was obvious that he’s a full-time entertainer and I enjoyed both his talks a lot.  The third seminar was on saw sharpening by Ron Herman.  Though I consider myself to be a somewhat accomplished saw sharpener he was still able to have my head spinning by the end.

Adam Cherubini in the HTO booth giving an impromptu sawing lesson


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