More Welsh Stick Chairs

This blog being for me, and about me and mine, I try to avoid reposting from other blogs.  But I know I’m going to want to look at the photos Chris Schwarz posted of his most recent Welsh stick chairs.  So this way I’ll be able to quickly find his post again.

I think he’s got an article about these chairs in the pipe.  He’s going to make them popular in his world, and by the time I build some it will look like I’m just copying him some more.  Not that I deny that.  But, for the record, I’ve been studying chairs for several years, and read John Brown’s book three or four years ago.  But I digress.

There are a number of things I find interesting about these.

  • I’d thought painting them would emphasize the form nicely, and I think these look great in black paint.
  • Though I like what Schwarz did with the high back, I’m still unsure of the high-backed form in general, versus the low “library chair” form.  I’m resolved to just having to build a few of each and see what I think then.
  • As a number of the commenters mentioned, I agree that the turned stretchers don’t seem right.
  • A couple of the commenters were, in my opinion, rude about not liking the chairs, and one even called them ugly.  So maybe these won’t catch fire like I think.

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