Planing Beads

Here’s a quick post on the latest work on the dry sink.

The plan calls for an applied bead around the inside of the door opening. I made these beads eons ago. They were planed onto the edge of a large pine board using a side-bead plane, then ripped off. Once I got into a groove with the beading plane I was reluctant to stop, so I ended up with six molding strips though the sink needed only three. Before putting them onto the sink they needed the saw marks planed off, and also to be planed down in width.

Below are photos of the work-holding solutions for planing them down in thickness, and in width. In the first photo there are no clamps or double-stick tape. Just setting the plane for a thin shaving, and some fresh wax on it’s bottom for minimal friction were all that were needed to plane the strips on my bench top, against the bench dog.

Free-style planing against bench dog

I was especially proud (I impress myself easily) of my solution in the second photo to hold three strips together, up on edge to plane them down in width. I think you can do just about anything with a couple simple hand-screws. Again in this one, the bench dog is the only thing holding the whole contraption in place on my bench top. Yes, the bench top is MDF. I agree, Ew.

Planing three strips of molding down in width


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