Screw The Screws

Nora and the pine egg carrier

Two weeks ago I helped Nora with a school project. They were given four wooden wheels and tasked with building a vehicle to carry two eggs down a ramp and keep them from breaking. They were just supposed to use materials found at home. But the teacher actually mentioned that students who know a woodworker could get help building their vehicle from the woodworker. Well! This was almost like a personal challenge.

A few pine scraps, and some bubble wrap and this is what we built. A year ago we would have screwed this together. But this was another successful use of cut nails – 4d fine finish nails if I recall correctly. Since these need a good pilot hole, and are so thick, these are really good nails for kids to learn on. They love pounding nails. And I even got Nora to use my brad awl to make most of the pilot holes.


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