Five Awesome Posts

Here are links to four blog posts that I’ll want to reference again later, and to one cool video that was just put up.  These are in order of most recent to oldest.

  1. Here is Peter Galbert in an hour-long video on building a Windsor chair. He gets technical, includes a great spindle-turning demo, and shows a few of the tools he builds.  But if you watch just the first three minutes, he gives a great explanation of why building those chairs with those methods is so appealing.  I’m really looking forward to meeting and hearing him speak at WIA next month.
  2. Peter again with a very detailed explanation of his steps for milk-painting a chair.
  3. Caleb James with a nice pictorial, 25 photos showing the steps in shaping a comb-back arm chair seat.
  4. Here’s a post by Chris Schwarz that is a nice reference on drawer-building, and details that aren’t often written about (that I’ve seen.)
  5. “The Schwarz” again with a post on fasteners, both nail and screws, and good sources for them, to be used on traditional casework.

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