WIA 2013


Peter Galbert giving a talk on chair design, and the birdcage mitered corner

I attended Woodworking in America (WIA) for the third time, helping Mike run the handtool olympics booth.

I made it to only two talks this year, but both were excellent.  One was a talk by Peter Galbert on how he designs chairs, and also how he cuts the miter on top of the back of the birdcage windsor.  The second talk was Don Williams on finishing/shellac.  Excellent stuff.  I’m looking forward to his finishing book.

The bulk of the weekend was spent cajoling people to do our hand tool events.  My favorite event to work at is cutting dovetails.  I’d say at least half the people have never cut one by hand before, and when they get to this event they slow down, set aside their expectations, and concentrate on getting it right.  The sawing and chisel work is easy.  What’s tricky is wrapping your head around how to do the joint in general – marking out, knowing which parts to cut out and which to leave, and general order of operations.  I finally have a pretty good handle on it, and helping a couple dozen people with it was excellent practice for me.

It was a tiring and inspiring weekend.


Here I am timing/coaching a contestant cutting a dovetail


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