Period Windsors, and more on The Adze


Jim’s front showroom

I caught up with Jim Van Hoven recently when he held an open house at his shop in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. He has a nice setup in a building that used to be a restaurant. From back to front he has a machine room, then a (work)bench room, and the showroom with big windows looking out onto Main Street.

While I was there I took photos of the adze I used when I took the class with Jim in 2010.  The handle is straight and shorter than I remembered.  Jim said he really likes how it has an asymmetrical shape.  Seen best in the third adze photo below, it has a steeper sweep on the left side and shallower sweep on the right.

As if those things weren’t enough to make this a unique tool, Jim’s adze has neither an external or internal bevel.  It has a knife edge with the bevel going up about an inch-and-a-half on both sides.  There’s no chance of finding an adze like this at retail outlets.

My earlier conniption about the adze is here.






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