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Drawing Exercises

Right now I’m about two-thirds of the way through a recent title by Lost Art Press, By Hand & Eye, the book about designing with simple whole-number ratios.  No measuring and no math.  It’s another example of less being more. … Continue reading

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Wille Sundqvist Project

Swedish Carving Techniques by Wille Sundqvist is the book on this type of carving.  I checked it out a few times from the local library several years ago, and then it disappeared from their inventory.  It would be cool if … Continue reading

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Five (Books) On Five

It’s Cinco de Mayo and today I’m going to talk about the five woodworking books I’ve read recently. I don’t do book reviews, just a “yeah” or “nay” and what stands out for me. I really like Furniture In The … Continue reading

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It’s back to the shop for me.

Today I finished Schwarz’s “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.”  This is my newest favoritest awesomist book.  Really.  I’ve started and read parts of lots and lots of non-fiction books.  And I think it’s safe to say I’ve never read cover to … Continue reading

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The Anarchist’s Tool Chest

I am a huge Christopher Schwarz fan.  He usually has something interesting to say about woodworking, and I enjoy his writing quite well.  But in the end his message is to quit reading, researching, and analyzing and get in the … Continue reading

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Four books

The last few years I’ve been consciously trying to do more woodworking and read about it less.  The only magazine I’ve subscribed to for a couple years now is Popular Woodworking.  But I also read just about every blog post … Continue reading

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Getting Ugly

This is a post about woodworking posts – no real woodworking today. Three links to other blogs. But bear with me, I have a point … I think. Lately the comments in my favorite ww blog have been going off-course … Continue reading

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